A fairer and more equal city

London’s prosperity is founded on its openness, its spirit of innovation, and its proud history of offering opportunity to people from all backgrounds.

But I’m worried that many people are denied opportunities to succeed, and too many Londoners are treated unfairly because of their gender, ethnicity, faith, sexuality, gender identity or disability. Although London has made great strides over the years in tackling sexism, racism, homophobia, and discrimination against people with disabilities, there is still a great deal of work to do. I will always stand up against prejudice and hatred, and will make challenging the alarming rise in anti-Semitism and Islamophobia that we have seen in recent years a priority. 

Fairer, more equal city

Although it seems incredible in 2016, in one of the world’s most progressive cities, that someone’s pay, or their ability to progress to the highest level in their chosen profession, should depend on their gender, the pay gap and the under-representation of women at boardroom level proves that equality between women and men still does not exist. I will be a proud feminist in City Hall. I will fight to break down the barriers to success for women, ensuring that from childhood, girls are provided with opportunities to learn the skills they need to succeed to the extent of their ability. And I will challenge employers to look at the gender balance among their senior employees.

I’m passionate about the importance of fairness and social justice and will ensure that opportunity and prosperity are shared, and that the vulnerable are protected from exploitation.

In a city as prosperous as London, there is no excuse for child poverty, or for people to have to rely on food banks in order to feed their children, and I will ensure that monitoring and effective, targeted intervention strategies are in place. 

Challenging inequality and promoting tolerance

London should be a global beacon of tolerance, acceptance and respect. On the whole, Londoners reject sexism, racism, homophobia, and discrimination against people with disabilities. But I know there’s still much more to be done. I will:

  • Prioritise closing the gender pay gap and breaking the glass ceiling as key aims of my time as Mayor.

  • Make tackling hate crime of all types a priority for the police.

  • Work with the LGBT+ community, schools, police and others to highlight and challenge transphobia, which remains all too prevalent, and promote acceptance of gender diversity.

Opening up opportunity

If all Londoners are to prosper, then nobody should be held back by a lack of the basic skills and facilities required to access work, public services, and essential amenities. I will:

  • Implement a digital inclusion strategy, led by the new chief digital officer, to ensure that everyone in London, including older Londoners, have the skills, and online access they need to access public services, job opportunities and information.

  • Promote financial inclusion, through partnership with the financial sector, including social enterprises and credit unions with the goal of ensuring that every adult can access financial services in affordable ways that meet their needs, and that all young Londoners leave education with numeracy skills and an understanding of finance.

  • Make gender equality a focus of Skills for Londoners, creating targeted opportunities for girls to excel in STEM skills in particular.

Making London accessible for all

Nobody in London should be denied the opportunity to make the most of what it has to offer – in work, travel and leisure. I’ll make it a priority to do all I can to make our city more accessible for people with disabilities and older Londoners. I will:

  • Consult on all future transport and planning matters – with genuine engagement between the Mayor’s office and people with disabilities.

  • Review the protections provided by the London plan, and retaining targets for new build homes to meet the Lifetime Homes Standard with at least 10 per cent of new-build homes to be wheelchair accessible.

  • Improve accessibility at rail and tube stations, ensuring that wheelchair accessibility is central to all infrastructure development and maintenance plans, and that disabled or older Londoners are not excluded from our transport network.

  • Make sure that London’s transport workers understand the needs of disabled and older passengers

  • Ensure Dial-a-Ride and Taxicard continue to provide crucial support for those less able to get around London.

  • Tackle disability hate crime.

  • Support the development of, and protect schemes which expand opportunities for people with disabilities to work and gain skills.

Sharing the rewards of prosperity

I am passionate about tackling low pay and improving working conditions. Both, in my view, are central to ensuring London’s place as a world leading commercial centre, and as a fair and just city. These values are also central to Labour’s core mission of challenging economic and social injustice. I will:

  • Strive to make London a Living Wage city, in which all workers are paid fairly: a real London Living Wage for every working Londoner. I’ll use devolved financial powers to offer business-rate relief for small firms who pay the London Living Wage, use GLA and TfL procurement to lead by example, and work with the new Living Wage Commission to ensure the formula reflects the real costs of housing in London, which should see the LLW rise to £10 and beyond during my first term as Mayor.

  • Establish a new team in the Mayor’s Office dedicated to economic fairness – promoting the London Living Wage, working with business to create apprenticeships, encourage sustainability and good corporate citizenship, and root out and tackling unacceptable practices such as blacklisting. The team will forge a new business compact - based on exemplary standards in pay and employment rights for workers. And it will seek to expand opportunities for people with disabilities to work and gain skills.

  • Work to smash the glass ceiling – as Mayor I’ll play a leadership role in challenging the under-representation of women in senior roles, making a clear statement by ensuring my business advisory board is gender-balanced.

  • Promote the uplift of London weighting, which over the years has fallen behind the growing gap in living costs between inner and outer London and elsewhere.

Leading by example

It will be my responsibility as Mayor to lead the way as a model employer, adopting the highest possible standards for fair pay, good working conditions and gender equality. I will:

  • Pay all employees of the GLA and its agencies the London Living Wage as a minimum, and require that all contractors and suppliers do the same.

  • Publish an annual City Hall gender pay audit, and require that large contractors do the same.

  • Establish a unified, fair pay structure across London for bus drivers.

  • Never use zero-hours contracts to exploit workers.

  • Be an open and transparent Mayor, with major contracts subjected to Freedom of Information, and City Hall signing up to the UK Statistics Authority’s Code of Practice for Official Statistics, to improve public confidence.

  • Join other European cities like Berlin, Amsterdam and Barcelona in signing up to the United Nations Global Compact Cities Programme. 

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