A Manifesto for all Londoners

A Manifesto for all Londoners

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Sadiq Khan, Labour’s candidate for London Mayor, in a speech at Canary Wharf to launch his manifesto, said:

I’d like to start by paying tribute to the brilliant Tessa Jowell.

Tessa's achievements have transformed our city.

Her legacy will always be defined as one of London's finest hours - bringing the Olympic Games to London.

I’m proud to have your support – thank you.

London is the greatest city in the world. But we’re at a crossroads.

Our Manifesto for all Londoners, which we’re launching today, sets out a path to a more prosperous, safer and greener future for our city.

A plan to ensure that today’s Londoners are given the opportunities that our city gave to me.

This city gave me and my family the helping hand we needed to fulfil our potential.

A secure and affordable council home, which gave my parents the chance to save for a deposit to buy a place of their own.

A good and stable job for my dad as a bus driver.

A great education at a local state school, with teachers who nurtured and inspired me.

A place at university which I could afford and an apprenticeship for my brother so he could become a motor mechanic.

Jobs for my wife and me as lawyers.

Living with our parents, we worked hard and saved up.

It wasn’t too long before we were able to afford to buy a home of our own.

I am only standing here today because London has given me a helping hand to get here.

But the sad reality facing our city today is that too many Londoners are missing out on the opportunities that I was given.

Too many are being priced out of our city.

This election is a referendum on the Tory housing crisis.

For young families, even those on good incomes, home ownership is an increasingly distant dream.

For those on below average incomes, it has become a fantasy.

Yet most Londoners do aspire to own their own home, just like my wife and I did.

Those Londoners need a Mayor with the ambition and ability to deliver a massive step change in homebuilding.

One of my first priorities will be to restore homeownership as a realistic prospect for Londoners on average incomes.

I’ll lead Homes for Londoners - a team dedicated to building thousands of genuinely affordable homes to buy and rent.

Over two million of our friends and neighbours live in the private rented sector.

Londoners are increasingly spending longer, and spending more, with little prospect of being able to save for a deposit.

Yet the reality for far too many of them – including families - is insecure tenancies of a year or less, soaring rents, and often poor quality accommodation.

That’s why, alongside an ambitious plan for building homes for Londoners, at the very heart of our Manifesto is a major package of new measures to support and protect those who rent.

A London-wide, not-for-profit lettings agency – offering a better deal for tenants and for landlords, with no rip-off fees, longer tenancies and stable rent. A greater chance to save to buy a place of your own.

Action to promote landlord licensing to drive up standards across the board.

And a new online database of rogue landlords for prospective tenants, allowing anyone to find out if their current or future landlord has a bad record.

My aim is to make renting more secure, while giving renters the opportunity to save a deposit to buy a place of their own.

You know, the key to increasing opportunity for all Londoners is a growing economy.

That's why I’ll be the most pro-business mayor London has had.

I’ve helped run a successful business, so I understand what a challenge it can be.

Our city’s innovators and business leaders are a crucial driver of growth and prosperity.

I’ll always support business in London to grow and create opportunity.

From the start-ups to the global corporations – our Manifesto will remove the barriers to competitiveness, productivity and growth.

Ensuring space for small businesses and start-ups is protected.

Giving business a seat at the table whenever decisions about London’s future infrastructure are being made.

And being a powerful voice, at home and abroad – selling what London does, and defending our interests, in Westminster and Brussels.

And that brings me on to another central driver of our ability to compete and grow.

The EU referendum will take place just six weeks after this mayoral election. But it will define the future of our city.

As business leaders have told me time and again, we must not put our jobs, growth or indeed our security at risk in the name of misguided dogma.

London needs a Mayor who will play a leading role in the campaign to keep Britain in the EU.

A Mayor who will always stand up for growth, competiveness and jobs. 

I will be that Mayor.

The growth and opportunities that our businesses create must benefit all Londoners.

They must be open to young people growing up across London today.

That's why our Manifesto asks business to work with me to deliver on London’s priorities.

I want business to support my plans to deliver thousands of new genuinely affordable homes, which will help them to recruit and retain talent.

And I’ll call on our great companies to help me make London a beacon of fairness and opportunity once again.

We’ll set up Skills for Londoners – working with businesses to give Londoners the skills they need for the jobs of tomorrow

The talent that those businesses need to grow.

Businesses helping me to make London a Living Wage city.

And enabling London’s four million women to smash the glass ceiling once and for all, and to close the gender pay gap.

I’ll be a proud feminist in City Hall.

It’s not acceptable that your gender can still determine the amount you earn or how far you can rise.

It’s incredible in 2016, in one of the world’s most progressive cities, that someone’s pay, or their ability to progress to the highest level in their chosen profession, should depend on their gender.

As the Dad of two teenage daughters that's just not good enough. 

I’ll fight to break down the barriers to success for women, ensuring that from childhood, girls are provided with opportunities to learn the skills they need to succeed to the extent of their ability.

And I’ll publish City Hall’s first annual gender pay audit, and require that large contractors do the same.

Working together, we will make London fairer, while making it richer.

But my ambition doesn’t end there.

I’ll also be London’s greenest Mayor ever.

Establishing London as a leader in low-carbon innovation.

Creating ‘Energy for Londoners’, a not-for-profit company taking a lead on solar, and community energy.

Cleaning up our polluted air.

And protecting and expanding our green spaces.

I’ll make London safer.

Prioritising proper neighbourhood policing.

Real action to tackle extremism.

And a proper strategy to deal with the growing problem of knife crime.

And our Manifesto sets out our plan to build a modern and affordable transport system that meets the needs of our economy and of Londoners.

Freezing fares - fully funded by efficiency and innovation at TfL - not by stalling investment.

I’m running for Mayor to ensure all Londoners get the opportunities and helping hand that our city gave to me when I was growing up.

And I'm proud today to launch our Manifesto for all Londoners.

A positive vision for London's future.

Compare that to the negative campaign the Tories are running.

No vision for our future. No plans to fulfil Londoners potential. No commitment to building the genuinely affordable homes Londoners need.

Just a negative campaign designed to distract Londoners from my opponent’s lack of experience, substance or values.

I’m confident that London will choose something different.

A positive vision and a real plan.

A vision for a city in which opportunity is restored, the potential of entrepreneurs and innovators unleashed, and the sky the limit for our optimism.

And a leader – and active Mayor - that can deliver.

I will be that Mayor.

A Mayor focused on securing for everyone the opportunity that our wonderful city gave me.

A Mayor for all Londoners.

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