A modern and affordable transport network

London's transport has always been a big part of my life – my dad drove the number 44 bus. And more recently, I served as a Transport Minister in the last Labour Government, working on schemes such as Crossrail. But above all, like most Londoners, I’ve relied on it throughout my life to get me around. We can’t afford to let the cost of travel become a barrier to work. That’s why it’s vital we put a hold on the rocketing fares of the last eight years.

London’s transport infrastructure is at the heart of our city’s economy. But the short-termism of the past has left growth in demand outstripping growth in capacity. Meanwhile, Londoners already struggling to afford housing and household bills face some of the highest public transport fares in Europe.

We live in a world-class city, and my ambition is to create a transport network which offers commuters a world-class and affordable experience.

To ensure this happens, I’ll personally chair Transport for London, working with businesses and boroughs to plan the transport capacity we need for London’s future, while modernising TfL, turning it into a more efficient, and more profitable public sector organisation.

We can learn much from the example set by publicly owned transport companies in France, Germany and the Netherlands which run services commercially in other cities and countries – including our own. I will use the savings and profits that a modernised TfL delivers to continue investment in new capacity on our network while keeping fares down. 

Keeping fares affordable

Londoners currently pay some of the highest public transport fares of any major city.  For many, that means less money for food, to clothe their children or heat their homes.  This is why I am committed to freeze fares for the next four years. I’ll turn the corner on the soaring fares of the last eight years, while pay growth catches up. I will:

  • Freeze all TfL fares and charges for the Mayor’s cycle hire scheme for four years.

  • Introduce 'The Hopper’ – a new one hour bus ticket allowing unlimited changes within an hour, so that a £1.50 single ticket pays for a full journey.

  • Continue to support both Oyster and contactless payment card methods and ensure fare structures remain equal so that nobody is disadvantaged by choosing either payment method.

  • Guarantee the Freedom Pass and the over-60s Oyster card, along with all other existing concessionary fares schemes.

Funding the fares freeze

My plan to freeze transport fares will be funded by making TfL a more efficient, and profitable operation, not by cuts to spending on better services and more capacity.

TfL is a vast organisation, and does many things well. But it is also inefficient and flabby – spending hundreds of millions of pounds each year on agency and consultancy fees, failing to implement shared procurement and functions between its surface and underground transport divisions, and allocating public money to Boris Johnson’s vanity schemes such as the cable car. The current Mayor has avoided challenging TfL to make the savings which other public sector organisations have been forced to make over recent years.

I will reverse that approach. I will:

  • Merge engineering functions within TfL – ensuring shared procurement and office functions save millions each year.

  • Deliver major efficiency savings within TfL - cutting duplication and waste and reducing the overuse of consultants and agency staff. TfL spent £383 million on consultants and agency staff last year – a figure which I will aim to halve.

TfL will explore the generation of new income streams by:

  • Establishing a trading arm that can run bus and other local transport services and sell TfL’s expertise, at home and abroad. The revenues it makes will be used to keep fares down in London just as foreign state-owned transport firms currently take profits made here to subsidise their services.

  • Put spare TfL land to better use, retaining ownership while building affordable and market homes, as well as commercial space, generating a long-term and secure revenue stream. 

And I will end Boris Johnson’s practice of using Londoners' money to fund expensive vanity projects – such as the cable car and the failing 'new Routemaster’ buses.

A safe capital for cycling and walking

My aim is to make London a byword for cycling around the world – with a plan to make cycling and walking safer and easier in the capital. Although a great deal of progress has been made, we still have a lot of work to do to protect cyclists and pedestrians from collisions. I’ll continue the good work that has been done by the last two Mayors on cycling, and increase the pace of change. I will:

  • Increase the proportion of TfL’s budget spent on cycling.

  • Continue the Cycle Superhighway Programme, investing in new routes and learning the lessons from earlier schemes, with a focus on segregated provision.

  • Prioritise Quietways – continuous cycling routes running through parks, alongside waterways and down quiet backstreets – to broaden London’s safe cycle network, while completing the roll out of current town-centre cycling improvement plans, and beginning a new round of schemes.

  • Promote safer, cleaner lorries – working with the boroughs and using City Hall procurement to set new safety standards, moving towards City Hall and TfL contracts specifying ‘direct-vision’ lorries. 

  • Review the Safer Junction Programmes to identify and commence priority improvements at more of London’s major accident blackspots.

  • Deliver more cycle storage and parking, using the London Plan to ensure provision in new developments, while working with London boroughs deliver on-street secure provision.

  • Work to break down some of the city’s physical barriers, such as by backing the Rotherhithe-Canary Wharf cycle and pedestrian bridge.

But there’s more I’m determined to do to make getting around safer for everyone - walkers and cyclists, as well as motorists – and particularly for those with disabilities which make negotiating London’s streets that much harder. I will:

  • Establish safe walking routes, to give children cleaner and safer journeys to school, avoiding busy and polluted roads where possible. 

  • Reduce street and pavement clutter on TfL Roads and support urban realm improvements across town centres.

  • Encourage the roll out of 20mph zones across the city by backing the '20’s Plenty For Us' campaign.

Planning for our future needs

As London grows, we need to take a long term view of our future transport needs. By 2050, the capital’s population is expected to grow to 11 million – a third larger than it is today. That means the next Mayor must start planning and delivering the infrastructure and new capacity for the future straight away – and making sure that the plans deliver the highest possible gains in terms of new homes for Londoners. I will:

  • Get Crossrail 2 off the ground, using my experience as a Minister responsible for the original Crossrail to secure the funding package, and ensure the route enables the building of thousands of new homes.

  • Plan the next major infrastructure projects for the long term – such as a potential Crossrail 3, new orbital links for outer London, DLR and tram extensions, and new river crossings for East London - while exploring additional sources of funding for major projects.

  • Work to secure the proposed Bakerloo line extension to Lewisham and beyond.

Better services across the network

All Londoners deserve world-class services, whatever mode of transport they use. Improving our network is about investing in services, and also about innovating. I won’t be afraid to challenge the old ways of doing things. I will:

  • Push for TfL to take over responsibility for more commuter routes, building on the success of the London Overground and the successful transfer of Greater Anglia services to TfL Rail.

  • Encourage more competition in the bus sector, making it easier for not-for profit and mutual operations to win contracts and enabling the new TfL commercial arm to bid.

  • Deliver the Night Tube if Boris Johnson fails to get it up and running by May, ensuring we implement this much-needed new service in the most efficient way possible.

  • Reduce the number of days lost to strike action, by maintaining better industrial relations and abandoning Boris Johnson’s policy of refusing to meet with representatives of TfL transport workers. 

  • Ensuring London’s transport system is accessible to all users, with the next fleet of buses designed with sufficient space for wheelchair users, and a more ambitious approach to step-free access in London Underground and TfL-run stations.

  • Examine the impact of ticket office closures and explore what could be done at key locations to ensure everyone is able to purchase tickets and access the information they need to get around London, while keeping passengers safe.

An internationally connected capital

Our airports are vital to our prosperity, and as a former Transport Minister I understand how urgently our city’s economy needs additional aviation capacity in order to stay competitive with other major world cities. This must be done without further breaching the limits on pollution that are so vital to protecting our health. I will:

  • Make the case for a second runway at Gatwick, as the cheapest, greenest and most viable option presented by the Airports Commission.

  • Oppose a third runway at Heathrow and, if the Government chooses to pursue this option, continue to call for a new runway at Gatwick as a more viable, cheaper and easier-to-build alternative.

  • Work to make better use of existing capacity, fighting to secure the upgrade of the West Anglian rail line in Network Rail’s next investment period, to improve journeys to Stansted, support housing development in north London and deliver faster journeys to Cambridge.

An iconic taxi service

As the world’s greatest city it is absolutely right that we have, and continue to have, the best and most qualified cabbies in the world. London's black taxi drivers are highly trained and properly checked to a high safety standard, driving wheelchair accessible vehicles, with the incredible geographical recall and sense of direction that only those with The Knowledge have. With people like this at the wheel, it’s understandable that the London black cab is an icon known around the world and a source of pride for Londoners. I will:

  • Ensure that the markets for licensed taxi drivers and for private hire drivers are fair - with special privileges built in, as they always have been, for those who become a licensed London taxi driver.

  • Ensure that driver safety standards are rigorously enforced across the black cab and private hire industries.

  • Retain the exclusive right of licensed black taxi drivers to use bus lanes and ply for hire.

Keeping London’s roads moving

Congestion on London’s streets continues to cause real problems for many motorists, and is a real drag on business competitiveness. I will:

  • Direct TfL to work with utility companies to coordinate maintenance and upgrading of infrastructure, in order to ensure that the same sections of road are not repeatedly subjected to works.

  • Prioritise delivery of new river crossings in the east of the city.

  • Seek additional powers to regulate rickshaws on the city’s streets.

  • Work with businesses, local authorities and freight companies to reduce the number of large lorries on the city’s roads, particularly at the busiest times.

  • Support Car Clubs as a means of reducing congestion and demand for parking.

  • Maintain the Congestion Charge at its current level.

  • Continuing to allocate resources to councils to spend through their Local Implementation Plans, on projects which support my transport strategy.

  • Encourage greater use of the river to transport passengers and freight.

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