London is a cycling city

London is a cycling city

London has seen a dramatic rise in the number of journeys taken by bike over the last decade. But while numbers have doubled, cycling still only makes up 2.5% of all daily journeys across the city. It's time to make a difference for London's cyclists, making it safer for those that contribute to a cleaner and healthier city.

As Mayor, getting people on to bikes will be a major plank of my transport, environmental and public health policies. Because the more people we get cycling, the less pressure there is on the tube, buses and trains. It's a greener form of transport, contributing to our desperately needed attempts at tackling London's choking air. And it's healthier too, as it keeps Londoners that cycle trim and fit.

But the shocking deaths of cyclists we've seen on the capital's roads must stop if we're to encourage people off tubes and buses on to their bikes.

That's why, as Mayor, I will:

- roll out 20mph zones in residential areas across the city

- complete the urgent works needed to the most dangerous junctions in London, and further rolling out of pedestrian countdown timers at crossing to improve safety

- expand the cycle super highway scheme with more segregated cycle paths, and build on the "mini-Holland" work and spread this to other boroughs

- work with local authorities to provide more secure on-street cycle parking for those without storage space

- ensure new residential and office developments have sufficient cycle storage facilities, and getting employers to incentivise cycling to work for their staff

We've made so much progress over the last decade but there's still much more to do if we're to make our streets safe for all Londoners to cycle to work, to school or to the shops. Modern London should be a city for cyclists: as Mayor, I'm determined to make that a reality.


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