Sadiq Khan unveils plan for London clean energy revolution

Sadiq Khan unveils plan for London clean energy revolution

Labour’s Mayoral Candidate, Sadiq Khan, has today (Friday) published his plans for a clean energy revolution in the city.

Speaking on a visit to the Islington Bunhill Energy Centre, Sadiq Khan announced ‘Energy for Londoners’, a not-for-profit company that will take a lead on clean and green energy across the city.

He used the launch to pledge to be the 'greenest Mayor London has ever had'.

He also rounded on the outgoing Mayor for having 'squandered a fantastic green legacy' and leaving London as a 'middle- ranking global city at best'.

He made the announcement on a visit to the construction of Phase 2 of the Bunhill Energy Centre in Islington, a district heating scheme, which will draw heat from the Tube to warm over 1000 homes.

Sadiq Khan, Labour’s candidate for Mayor of London, said:

“I want to be the greenest Mayor London has ever had. I want my daughters to grow up in a city that is cleaner and greener, in which people aren’t dying because the air is so filthy. But I also want London to be at the cutting edge of new green technologies, generating the growth and jobs of the future. 

“Energy for Londoners will bring a renewed focus to our drive to make London a cleaner, greener city.

“It will expand the use of solar across the city, and support communities who want to set up their own green energy generation schemes. And it will roll out schemes like the Bunhill Energy Centre that take waste heat from the tube and make the most of buildings across the city to generate energy from solar.
“All of this will help London reduce its carbon emissions and generate more of its own energy in a much cleaner way.

“Building a cleaner, greener city will only come about through leadership from the top. For eight years, London has lacked that leadership. 

“We’ve gone from being a global leader on environmental issues to a middle-ranking global environmental city at best. The Tories have squandered a fantastic green legacy and I’m doubly determined to make London once again a beacon to the world.”



  1. Sadiq Khan has today unveiled plans to establish ‘Energy for Londoners’ – a not-for-profit clean and green energy company that will lead on promoting low-carbon technologies and community energy generation across the city.
  2. Energy for Londoners will put clean and green energy generation at the top of the agenda, act as a catalyst for creating jobs and growth in new clean technologies.
  3. Greening energy supply and achieving energy efficiency are crucial to meeting London’s ambition of reducing carbon emissions, generating our own power and regaining our position as a global leader on environmental issues.
  4. Energy for Londoners will lead on:
  • A dedicated solar strategy, making use of London’s roofs, public land and in particular TfL land and buildings (e.g. photovoltaic cells on station roofs) to generate clean energy
  • Ensuring new developments have solar and low carbon designed in, and work with local authorities and housing associations to increase energy efficiency measures and renewable energy generation in social housing stock
  • Collective purchasing of community generated energy, using this to power public buildings and the tube
  • Establishing further district heating schemes (such as the Islington Bunhill Energy Centre which will take heat from the Northern Line)
  • Issuing Green Bonds and exploring the use of debt-based instruments such as ISAs to invest in green projects across the city
  • Provide advice and support to those wanting to set up community energy projects, and acting as dating service for those wanting to be part of a community energy project with commercial premises with space for solar panels.

      5. Energy for London is on top of Sadiq’s other green policy announcements:

  • Banning fracking in London
  • Protecting the Green Belt from development
  • Establishing National Park London
  • Planting two million trees across London, focused around schools
  • Expanding the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) to other parts of London, and exploring the merits of speeding up its introduction
  • Promoting greener forms of transport, including continued investment in cycling provision, green buses and discouraging the use of polluting vehicles
  • Working to divest the London Pension Fund Authority of its remaining investments in fossil fuel industries.
  • Pedestrianising Oxford Street and Parliament Square, and establishing a Public Realm Committee to lead on how else we can improve the balance between all road users.

6. The Bunhill Energy Centre is in Islington. Bunhill 1 Energy Centre and Heat Network was launched in 2012 and heats two leisure centres, three-communally heated council housing estate and one private housing development, covering 850 units in total. Bunhill Phase 2, which is under construction, will capture waste heat from a London Underground ventilation shaft. This will connect 1000+ homes, a school and a community centre, with construction on-going during 2016.

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