Top Lawyers Back Sadiq

Top Lawyers Back Sadiq

The Mayor of London holds one of the most influential positions in the country. London needs a Mayor who will use their role to stand up for the city, its citizens and in particular the vulnerable and take on the vested interests that seek to disadvantage us.

Sadiq Khan had a terrific reputation in the legal world. He was a lawyer who went the extra mile for his clients and was a credit to the profession we all practice. After giving up his legal career to stand for parliament in 2005, he has carved out a role as an effective advocate for the rule of law, access to justice and for universal human rights. It’s time for a Mayor who represents the very best of modern, tolerant and diverse London. We believe that person is Sadiq Khan. 


Lord Willy Bach (Shadow Attorney General)

Joel Bennathan QC (Doughty Street Chambers)

Sir Geoffrey Bindman QC (founder of Bindmans)

Brenda Campbell (Garden Court Chambers)

Ben Emmerson QC (Matrix Chambers)

Professor Conor Gearty (Professor of Human Rights Law, London School of Economics)

Raza Husain QC (Matrix Chambers)

Steve Hynes

Baroness Helena Kennedy QC (Member of the House of Lords and Doughty Street Chambers)

Imran Khan (Imran Khan Solicitors)

Judy Khan QC (Garden Court Chambers)

Shazia Khan (Partner, Bindmans)

Michael Mansfield QC (Mansfield Chambers)

Michel Massih QC (Drystone Chambers)

Tim Owen QC (Matrix Chambers)

Matthew Ryder QC (Matrix Chambers)

Jo Sidhu QC (Chair, Society of Asian Lawyers)

Andy Slaughter MP (Barrister, shadow justice minister and MP for Hammersmith)

Emily Thornberry MP (Barrister, formerly of Took Court Chambers, former Shadow Attorney General and MP for Islington South & Finsbury)

James Wood QC (Doughty Street Chambers)

Shah Qureshi (Partner and Head of Employment Law, Bindmans)

Karl Turner MP (Barrister, Shadow Solicitor General, and MP for Hull East)

John Wadham (former Director of Liberty and General Counsel of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission)

Kieran Vaughan QC (Gardent Court Chambers)

Quincy Whitaker (Doughty Street Chambers)

Fraser Whitehead (Former Chair, Society of Labour Lawyers)

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