Voting by post? Here are some things you need to know

Voting by post? Here are some things you need to know

Many of your friends and neighbours have signed up to vote by post to ensure they get their say in this May's election for London Mayor. 

Voting by post is an easy and convenient way to make sure your vote is counted, and people choose to register to vote by post for all sorts of reasons. You might be at work when your polling station is open, you might have accessibility issues... you might even be lucky enough to be on holiday!

Whatever the reason, you can find out more about postal voting and download a postal vote application form here:

This month we’re busy dropping off letters to people across London reminding them of the importance of using their postal vote in this year’s mayoral election.

We’re doing this because many people have lost their postal vote, or dropped off the electoral register altogether without even knowing it, due to the way the Tory government has changed how you register to vote.

If you've had a letter delivered by a Labour volunteer recently, make sure you return your postal vote application straight away.

If you’re not sure you’re registered to vote it’s vital you check with your Electoral Registration Officer, and if necessary, re-register.

The Tories want to make it harder for you to have your say -- but we won’t let that happen.

Gloria De Piero MP

Shadow Minister for Young People and Voter Registration

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